Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Kitler Sighting?

Greetings EveryPup!!!!

Frankie Girl reporting in. Today we have a very unusaul sighting of sorts.

You see we have all been made aware of someting called "Kitler", by the very keen minds of

One day I was minding my own biz, just doing what a Sibe Gal loves to do, RUN!

My Mom and Dad took me down by the Colorado River, and I promised to be extra good,

but I really really needed to get some of this soft wet sand beneath my toes and just gooooooooooooooooo. When all of a sudden something out of nowhere appeared!

Do you spot it? I realise it may be somewhat difficult, sort of like "Where's Waldo"?

But if you look really hard, it IS visible. One worded question......Kitler??????????

Could it be? I hope you can all find what really is a strange phenomena on the beach.

Input truely needed, or was it a mirage? Maybe I had a runners high? Hit the wall?

I am really confused on this one! Woo


Frankie Girl


The Army of Four said...

Ha woo! The blog's looking great, you two!
You look as fast as the WIND, Frankie! That picture is SO funny! I'm not sure if that's a Kitler... but BEWARE in any case!

Sophie Brador said...

Big chuckles over here! Very funny. A kitler you say? Sophie will have to keep her eyes open for those creatures. Extra big snuggles to Maddie, who looks just like Sophie's dog mom, chocolate and all.

Sherman said...

Kitler? Is it mean?

Fu Fu said...

Woh Frankie, you sure can run fast. Did you get that kitler? Did you??

~ fufu

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