Friday, December 08, 2006

Frankie Saw "The Man"

Here she is, my sister Frankie. This is a picture of when she went to see the Big Man.

Do you like how she crosses her paws? She does this all the time. It might be a "Sibe Thing",

We would need to take a survey to actually know. All we know is that she has been doing it since

she was a weee little white puff ball. She really was not such a fan of the Big Man, her Dad had

to get involved and tell that Santa guy to stop pulling her up by her jacket and let her relax, cuz

she was getting a bit agitated with that man. She will not be going back to see him again :-)

Once was just enough thanks! If we ever do a holiday picture at a place again, it will be

with a non santa object.

Notice how my Holiday pic is not at a photo place! he he

Holiday Cheer to all,

Maddie the Chocolate Bunny Lab


The Army of Four said...

Wooooooooooo! Frankie! Woo! You are SO bee-woo-tiful! I'll bet Santa LOVED you! You are such a lady to cross your sweet paws.... wooooooo!
Thank woo, Maddie, for sharing your blog with the white chocolate bunny! :) Woooooo!
Luv to you both!

Simba said...

Its him, its really him!!! Strike a pose with Santa. lol

Simba x

Sherman said...

Happy Xmas!!!

sydney said...

did you see the "man" too? was he scarry? he looks so cool! and I have to say you are soooooo good looken. ah to be a pup again...ho hum... *sigh* ppphhhht.
well it is nice to see other pups out here i do get lonely.

The Army of Four said...

Hey Frankie and Maddie!
We tagged you in Christmas tag! Stop by our blog for details!
PS: You might want to hit the trash can button by Justin's comment. That's a SICK site and it'll make your computer sick, too!

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