Saturday, December 16, 2006

We've Been TAGGED!

Happy Holidays Pups!

Well I read today on My Sister Maddies and Myself's Blog that we have been tagged!

I felt I had better take over this tagging situation, as I am almost 4 years old now. And after

all you know my baby sister Maddie is still a little puppers, (but almost a year old), TAGGING

I don't want to think how she would TaG! Tag your IT to her would mean pulling on my

White Neck nice and long! I do let her do this, but thinking of her tagging and tugging, ouch!

So I am here to handle the job! I will Manage and Supervise this one!

So, see you soon with some tag play...

Luv Frankie Girl


The Army of Four said...

Woooooooo! FRANKIE!!!!!! Woooooo!
What a great picture of YOU, the beautiful Frankie! Woooooo! *sigh* I'm so glad Maddie the Chocolate Bunny is letting you, the White Chocolate Bunny do some posting!
Dave Dave

Sherman said...
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Sherman said...

Oops! I had to delete it because I spelled Frankie wrong. Good Picture though.

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