Thursday, April 05, 2007

Frankie and the Chocolate Tigger Easter Bunny

Hey Everypup,

Frankie Girl here! Easter is upon us, it sure has snuck up so fast?! I thought I would

share my first ever Easter pic of me when i was just a young puppers. My Mom put

me side by side with the Easter Tigger she had, (well she still has it), that is one stuffed

animal I learned RIGHT away was not mine :-) So I was a very very good girl, BUT

I ain't saying it was all that easy to not just have a go with it. Better that I really just

act like it isn't sitting right next to me, right???? Well I made it through with flying colors.

Hey, I don't remember if I got a nice reward for that torment???? Like a Jelly Bean that

tastes fruity of somethin? Ok, I should go see if I can talk to the complaint department here

and score something now! Happy Easter Everyone........

Luv and Lots of Yummy Fruity Tasting Jelly Beans, those are the ones I luv .........

Frankie the White Bunny


The Army of Four said...

Ha wooooooo! Frankie, you look WAY too adorable next to that Easter Tigger! You should get a reward NOW just ... um ... well, BECAUSE!
Happy & blessed Easter to you and your Chocolate Bunny sister, Maddie!

Joe Stains said...

oh my a chocolate tiger bunny?! I am so confused!!!!

Abby said...

You look very nice next to that animal-thing. My human sister loves Jelly Beans. She offered me one once,though, and I didn't like it...

Maddie & Frankie said...

Hope you all Had a wonderful Easter!

Army of Four....thanks! And I did get a reward .....Sad EYEZZZZZZZZZZ :-)

Joes Stains, Nooo don't be cornfused! It's a pretty nice Chocolate Tigger Bunny really!

Abby, You didn't like the Jelly Bean? But there are so many different colors and tastes!
Do you like Bananas? They have em in those too!

Frankie Girl

Abby said...

I've never had a banana! I should try one, though. My sister has some Jelly Beans right now! I'll go beg for one....maybe if I whine real cute?.......

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