Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hi Everypuppy! Maddie here!

We have a blogger friend Hammie, by the name of Fu Fu! Fu Fu is a very popular

everypup blogger friend. A while back, we told Fu Fu that our Mom had a hammie

when she was a young girl. His name was Speedy Gonzalez. He was such a great

hammie, ran on his wheel in his hammie cage for hours at a time! Mom says he was so

soft and so fun to play with! Speedy was always up for some fun play time!

Here is a picture of something Mom and Speedy G. did often. Isn't this soooo

cute! Speedy would sit at the Barbie table, (notice even then, Mom had more passion for

doggies), hmm where is Barbie? Well, anyways the ceramic doggie and Speedy loved to eat

and chat it up about the days activities to come. They had many meals like this.

Of course Speedy G. is in hammie heaven, but he holds a very special place in my
Moms heart.


Abby said...

Oh, how funny! I don't tend to like rodents, they seem like more fun to taste then to look at, but I do like that picture. My sister's hamster is so boring, she just runs on her wheel and annoys me. This hamster may be cute now, but think of living in the same room!!! Such a racket, it's a wonder that I even get sleep at night. Her name is April...I posted about her twice somewhere in my blog.....

The Army of Four said...

What a sweet picture, Maddie! Our mom had a couple hamsters when she was a biped puppy, too! Your mom's hamster looks like he was an adorable little friend!

Sherman said...

He is very cute. I wouldn't be able to fit in a barbie chair.

Boomer said...

My sister A has something like a hammie, she has 2 and I think she calls them gerbys or something...they are so annoying!! I hate them, I used to want to eat them, but A always yelled at me so now I just ignore them. Except when we have to sleep in A's room because for some reason bed girll isnt home and then, they are so annoying, I wish I could kill them....and then eat them....

Fu Fu said...

Hey Maddie, oh.. Speedy Gonzalez is so cute... And he runs in the hamster wheel for hours? Sounds like my new sister.
Thanks for putting up his picture. :)

~ fufu

The Army of Four said...

Cool song, girls! Do you have a key on your back that winds you up? Ha roo roo roo! Kinda like DAVE'S zipper! Ha roo rooo roooooo-OUCH! Just kidding, Dave! Let go of my neck! Let- sorry girls. Gotta run.
Play bows,

Maddie & Frankie said...


Oh yes we have a couple of different keys around here, and we doooooo get wound up. We love love love when mom plays this type of music,we dance with her,but we just need to work on Maddie going into jump Mode on Mom, she hasn't figured out that jumping is not danicing.

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