Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Spring Time! Spring Cleaning

Hi Every puppy! It's me Maddie.

I wanted to talk a little bit about spring. Specifically, Spring Cleaning. Mom is doing

ALOT of that lately. She was cleaning the shutters the day she snapped this picture

of my Big Sis Frankie and Me. This picture is Monumental (she says), and I don't k now

what that word means, but in any event, she finds it ever so difficult to get a picture

of us together! Usually I am moving around too much biting or playing with a toy

on Frankie or Frankie is moving around while I am putting balls on her and all that

Lab doggie kind of stuff I do . So we decided since Mom had worked so hard in this room,

we would sit and admire the moment of clean, and let her snap a shot before we

did any dog-snart (art) on her coffee table or windows and stuff. We do like to

help her decorate with pup art! We make beautiful stuff together me and Franks.

So I hope you like this serene moment in a pic that we gave to Mom.

Love to all pups!

Maddie Faddie the Chocolate Lab


Melissa said...

Hi, I wanted to say I showed your photo to my Mom and she says you 2 are beautiful!
Me and Madie leave snart around too, and we really decorate the car with snart when we get to go for rides!

Maddie & Frankie said...

Hi China!

Thank you for showing us to your Mom, and thank her for for her compliment! You girls are Beautiful too!. Isn't it fun to leave all the snart around in the
car?! That is the best! It's like a travelling snart show! Oh and Frankie really does a number on the Front Window of our house!
Its down nice and low and a big canvas to snart on.

Maddie the Chocolate Bunny Lab

Melissa said...

Oh Wow! That's really cool that you have the perfect snart window! Our windows are low too but mostly the back door has lots of window all over it that's the one we go through to go potty, well that's our snart spot! At my old house in CA our windows were high but the sofa was in the perfect position to get in the window and I would really snart it up! AND it was perfect because everyone who drove by or lived in our neighborhood got to see my snart!
But yeah me and Madie agree with you the car is the perfect snart place. I think we'll start calling it the snart-mobile! LOL

Dory and Liza said...

Maddie -

So glad you stopped by my blog. We love the pics of you and Frankie. My human has been doing alot of cleaning this weekend as well!! I just nap until she is done.

Have a good week ahead!


Suki said...

Hey Maddie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are your sister are absolutely beautiful! You make a lovely pair :)

My brother, Twix, is a chocolate lab mix, but most people just think he's a lab. My mom knows better: his head is narrow, he has a white streak down his chest and his fur is thick and wavy over his shoulders. She thinks he's part Chessie :)

Puggy kisses

The Army of Four said...

Ha roo! Great picture, girls! Frankie, you look like you're about to eat those posies. Ha roo roo roo!
Maddie, do you help your mom clean? I love helping around the house! It's important to put dog-snart BACK on the windows after a cleaning session. Otherwise, how will everypup identify your house?
Play bows,

Boomer said...

Nice picture! Snart is so much fun to do! mY granny and I, Lady, both do it in the car and when mommy or one of the girls cleans the window it's like a fresh piece of paper!

Abby said...

Oh my gosh, I love snart! The best thing to do is to jump on the front door and put it on the window! Everyone who walks in the house gets to see it!

Jake said...

You two are very beautiful!
I love snart too! I'm constantly leaving it on the windows by our front door, that way all of our guests can see it. my mom has a really hard time getting it off the window because I'm so good at it!

Anonymous said...

Great to meet you Frankie and Maddie! I love this picture of both of you. Both of you are so beautiful. I am glad that I found your blawg! Can't wait to read more about you!!!
Hugs, Sitka

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