Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Moment of Ponder

What is all this bustle about something called Turkey Day? And just what is a Turkey. Will I like it? Will I get some . Well this will be my first "Turkey Day", and my sister says it is quite the day. She said there is ALOT of activity in the kitchen, it starts very early in the day, and that by the end of the day, into evening everyone can barely move! What does the turkey do to people that they can barely move about? Sounds all very crazy to me, but hey I am up for trying anything that remotely involves food, so I will put my trust in my sister! Oh, and I guess hang around the kitchen, just a bit ........After all I am only a pup, and this is my First ever THANKSGIVING!

Lets Talk Turkey!
MADDIE the Chocolate bunny

Monday, November 13, 2006

FINALLY a River Day....Phew..


Today we went to the River at our
Vacation home to swim and just play!
Boy did I have a great time. It was a sunny day in the 70"s! I was very afraid that we would not make it, it's been too windy. There were DUCKS here......but before we could snap a pic, i scared them all away. Why are they scared do you know???

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My First Day on the Bloggie

Hi Every Pup! It's me the Chocolate Lab Maddie!
Or as my Mom calls me, The Chocolate Bunny.
I am ready to Give this bloggie thing a paw try.
I am just gonna be brief right now, so I can get up and going, then I must go for my morning play swim in the pool. So I will be writing more later, ok!

Pups and Kittys and other Furry types we paw with!