Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Girl Just Wants to Have Fun......

Okay..Admitedly, we have a stand off! You do know I love to swim? Yes?
There is this pool, this lovely refreshing, pool. Filled with "OHHHHHHHH so fun water". Now, here we find ourselves in the midst of December. Yes it is cold,
but I can handle it! The pool lies just behind this window, so I have perched myself
atop the pictured sofa, which my Mom had placed a board on to detour described
activity! But, no fear, I am a Lab! I can find the way to the water, well almost.
There is the one underlying factor of the window. If I could just find a way to open
it, life would be so happy today! What should Chocolate Bunny Lab do?????
Did I tell you I looooooove to swim? Swim swim swim swim......Any pups, any suggestions?


A wanna be swimming Maddie

Saturday, December 16, 2006

We've Been TAGGED!

Happy Holidays Pups!

Well I read today on My Sister Maddies and Myself's Blog that we have been tagged!

I felt I had better take over this tagging situation, as I am almost 4 years old now. And after

all you know my baby sister Maddie is still a little puppers, (but almost a year old), TAGGING

I don't want to think how she would TaG! Tag your IT to her would mean pulling on my

White Neck nice and long! I do let her do this, but thinking of her tagging and tugging, ouch!

So I am here to handle the job! I will Manage and Supervise this one!

So, see you soon with some tag play...

Luv Frankie Girl

Friday, December 08, 2006

Frankie Saw "The Man"

Here she is, my sister Frankie. This is a picture of when she went to see the Big Man.

Do you like how she crosses her paws? She does this all the time. It might be a "Sibe Thing",

We would need to take a survey to actually know. All we know is that she has been doing it since

she was a weee little white puff ball. She really was not such a fan of the Big Man, her Dad had

to get involved and tell that Santa guy to stop pulling her up by her jacket and let her relax, cuz

she was getting a bit agitated with that man. She will not be going back to see him again :-)

Once was just enough thanks! If we ever do a holiday picture at a place again, it will be

with a non santa object.

Notice how my Holiday pic is not at a photo place! he he

Holiday Cheer to all,

Maddie the Chocolate Bunny Lab

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ok its Official......My Mom made me put this little red and white thing with bells on my neck
to take my First Christmas Picture. I just am not too sure about those bells!

Next up.....the HAT! Wow how much can a Chocolate Bunny Lab Handle.......Clearly the
genious that made this get up did not take into consideration Lab EARS!

But it made my Mom Happy and I like doing that, (most of the time) :-)

Miseltoe kisses,

Pups and Kittys and other Furry types we paw with!