Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day ALL Puppers!

Hi guys, we are just popping in today to wish everyone a wonderful Memorial Day Celebration. We can't stay too long as we are on vacation. What will you all be doing today? We hope whatever you and your bipeds choose to do will include fun and good treats/food. We are helping Mom by being very good here this morning (yeah, I think we are helping???? Mom put a really nice red paw prints scarf on Frankie, and went to make Ice tea for the day, but I think it would probably look way gooder on me! So this is some shots of our morning...........

"Hey Frankie, Give it up, you know its gonna look way cooler on Me"

Helping Mom make some refreshing Ice Tea for the Day

XOXOXO to everypupper and girl girl too!

Maddie the Chocolate Bunny Lab and Frankie Girl

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Siberian Husky White Carousel Horse?

What do you puppers think? Do I pass for a Carousel Horsey? Do I, Do I?

Luv, Frankie Girl

Friday, May 04, 2007

O Goody Peaches!

Hi Everypuppy, Frankie here....

Does any other pup like Fruit? It is just so yummy!!!! Well guess what, our peaches are popping out, I looked up and WOW there they are, so I took a couple of snapshots to show you. Now I am dreaming of the time in the next couple of months I will be sharing these scrumptious delights, while sitting poolside, my Mom standing in the pool, doleing it out, something like this... One bite for me, one bite for you. And be sure, I know when it goes out of order! You know each bite just gets better and better.
Any other fruit lovers????? Strawberries, Watermelon, Ohh I love any Citrus! Oh and don't forget the Apples!

See you later pups!
Frankie Girl

Pups and Kittys and other Furry types we paw with!