Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lets Order Up a Movie.....Lassie anyone?

Well our pool is back up and running! Maddie took a surprise dipin-dipout yesterday,
while Mom wasn't looking, but it was ok, until Maddie realised that just because the weather here in So. Cali has been fantastic (74 Degrees) these past few days, it doesn't really mean that the water feels all that fantastic, so she ran on the big
NO Doggies outside gazebo patio furniture and flipped it all off the couch frame so she could get warm.

So this is where we start today. Speaking of No No furniture, well Mom was in the shower on the other end of the house, you see, so Maddie and I just assumed that
because she left the entertainment room door open, we were all good to go on
the leather theater seats....apparently this is not the case, as we were told
the No doggies rule once again.....Oh well, sometimes you just gotta try, and
so we did :-) Hey Wheres the Popcorn with BUTTER???, the Movie is about to begin!

Be good doggies,

Frankie Girl

Saturday, January 05, 2008

California Dreamin'....Not so much!

Ok doggies, I am needing a little vent time here with you all.

Things this New Year are not shaping up so fantastic. My pool has gone defunct!
The other morning as we were lying in bed snozzzzzing in the winter morning,
we heard some not familiar noises comming from my pool. So Mom went to the doors to face the music of something she had feared gone wrong. As she looked out she didn't look real happy. "Mom, whats wrong with my pool, I said"! The entire back yard was flooded. As she went outside, (you know she made me stay inside), she really didn't look good. This is what she found......

"Uh Oh, This is not looking good"

Seems that my pool pump has xploded! What does this mean???
Well "NOT" that they let me swim in the cold winter weather in my pool or anything,
though I do sneak a quick dunk now and again, it has been clearly told to me that this thing called a new pool pump bottom half, will be MY Birthday Present!
What the heck! I will be just 2 years old on January 12, and just because this
pool, OH I mean my pool, and the darn pump, has just happened to dump right before my Birthday, it is now being touted as my birthday pressie!!!!

Ok, on top of it all, We have went and bought the new bottom pool pump (pressie),but due to extreme rains in the state that NEVER rains......huh,
we cannot even open my pressie and play pool pump. So my pool has very diminished water right now, the jacuzzi none, which is where I go round and round looking like a sharkie in the water.

Things this New Year are just not shaping up, just look at this......What the?

I have heard of cushie jacuazzi tubs, but this one takes the doggie bone!
It seems Mom was very afraid from all the newscast she heard of the horrid California
storm to be, she brought in all my pool backyard furniture cushions. Isn't this a strange place to lay them down? So, I wonder what all you doggies think! I am a bit perplexed by all of this. Happy New Year.. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof

Do you think this Pool Pump should be presented as my 2 Year old Birthday Pressie? Or am I being treated unfairly??????

Should I go on Birthday Pressie STRIKE????? I have some deep thinking to do.

Maddie the Chocolate Labbie

Pups and Kittys and other Furry types we paw with!