Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mom is taking Dad to have a repair

Hi Doggies....

I am a little nervous today. My Mom is packing my Dad up and taking him in for some
repairs. Somethig about a Hernia. I am nervous, Dad was a little quiet and said
lets just go get this surgery over and get home! Well I hope he comes home really soon. It's raining here, and its a very gloomy day.......

Maddie ( Waiting for my Dad to come home)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Going with what I got....

Hi everypuppy, you know, I know it is February, and there are some wonderfully lucky
huskies all around the world romping in the snow right now... *sigh*

But, I do live in sunny Southern California, where today it is 77 degrees, so I will
take what I been given and make the mostest of it.............

Cheers to all snow doggies that are so lucky, wish I could join you ......

Frankie Girl

Pups and Kittys and other Furry types we paw with!