Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hi Everypuppy! Maddie here!

We have a blogger friend Hammie, by the name of Fu Fu! Fu Fu is a very popular

everypup blogger friend. A while back, we told Fu Fu that our Mom had a hammie

when she was a young girl. His name was Speedy Gonzalez. He was such a great

hammie, ran on his wheel in his hammie cage for hours at a time! Mom says he was so

soft and so fun to play with! Speedy was always up for some fun play time!

Here is a picture of something Mom and Speedy G. did often. Isn't this soooo

cute! Speedy would sit at the Barbie table, (notice even then, Mom had more passion for

doggies), hmm where is Barbie? Well, anyways the ceramic doggie and Speedy loved to eat

and chat it up about the days activities to come. They had many meals like this.

Of course Speedy G. is in hammie heaven, but he holds a very special place in my
Moms heart.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Woooo.... Sad Day in Virgina

We were going to make a happy post today, but instead we want to take this moment
to honor those that have lost their lives today in what is being called the worst mass shooting incident in United States history.
Dark day, sad day. Woo.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Spring Time! Spring Cleaning

Hi Every puppy! It's me Maddie.

I wanted to talk a little bit about spring. Specifically, Spring Cleaning. Mom is doing

ALOT of that lately. She was cleaning the shutters the day she snapped this picture

of my Big Sis Frankie and Me. This picture is Monumental (she says), and I don't k now

what that word means, but in any event, she finds it ever so difficult to get a picture

of us together! Usually I am moving around too much biting or playing with a toy

on Frankie or Frankie is moving around while I am putting balls on her and all that

Lab doggie kind of stuff I do . So we decided since Mom had worked so hard in this room,

we would sit and admire the moment of clean, and let her snap a shot before we

did any dog-snart (art) on her coffee table or windows and stuff. We do like to

help her decorate with pup art! We make beautiful stuff together me and Franks.

So I hope you like this serene moment in a pic that we gave to Mom.

Love to all pups!

Maddie Faddie the Chocolate Lab

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Frankie and the Chocolate Tigger Easter Bunny

Hey Everypup,

Frankie Girl here! Easter is upon us, it sure has snuck up so fast?! I thought I would

share my first ever Easter pic of me when i was just a young puppers. My Mom put

me side by side with the Easter Tigger she had, (well she still has it), that is one stuffed

animal I learned RIGHT away was not mine :-) So I was a very very good girl, BUT

I ain't saying it was all that easy to not just have a go with it. Better that I really just

act like it isn't sitting right next to me, right???? Well I made it through with flying colors.

Hey, I don't remember if I got a nice reward for that torment???? Like a Jelly Bean that

tastes fruity of somethin? Ok, I should go see if I can talk to the complaint department here

and score something now! Happy Easter Everyone........

Luv and Lots of Yummy Fruity Tasting Jelly Beans, those are the ones I luv .........

Frankie the White Bunny

Pups and Kittys and other Furry types we paw with!