Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Scare Tactics of a Siberian Husky

The morning starts out nicely. Mom and Dad having coffee together, with their new
coffee maker, but thats another story. Me, Maddie and Domino doing our normal
morning routine of havoc, running around living room, grabbing every toy out
of our toy box, leaving them all over the floor, to prove that morning wake up
play time was once again top notch! Running, doing zoomies and doing Arr Arr's
on each others necks.

Mom decides its time for her to head off into the shower. All is wonderful.
The morning progresses as normal. Mom and Dad go about doing some chores.
Dad steps out to the garage, opens the garage door. Dad returns back into house
about 10 minutes later. The ususal suspects are visable, yes, theres Maddie and
Domino, but where is Frankie Girl? Calmly Dad checks each room. Unable to locate
he becomes a bit alarmed and yells at my Mom, "Have you seeeen Frankie"?
Mom immediatly becomes "what" "why" and her alarm is on full force.
They check and recheck, closets perhaps? No. Dad does one more pass through
of the master bedroom, yelling "FRANKIIIIIIIIE" "FRANKIIIIIIIE"

Now listen, I don't know what all the commotion was about, I was right here
sleeping when dad finally found me.

* Mom leaves the shower glass door propped open just a bit after showering
for ventilation..... hee heeee. It seemed like a good napping spot today.


Frankie Girl

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Name of the Game

The name of the game is "What's wrong in this picture"....

Can woo figure it out? There is something just not really correct here.

Look all over, and let me know!

Puppy Woo's & Licks


Pee Ess....... And who do woo think made the wrong in the picture?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fun In The Sun

Hey Everydoggie! Domino here today. I am now over 4 months old and growing strong
and big. We went to Arizona and I got to go to our neighbors swimming pool across
the street for a nice swim. Well we HAD to, what else would you do in 113 degree
weather, and I have had all my puppy shots now so I can go to other doggies pads and be on common ground! Isn't this a nice pool with a beautiful sunset?

Hey Dad, stop your chit chatten, and lets go swim!

I'm gonna do it, I sweeeeeear

Ahhhh, all nice and cooled off now!

Time for some Zooomies! But wait, this is LaLee the Yorkie, my next door neighbor.
I think she is a little frightened by my Siberian-ess Zooomies. Is she playing

I think she is trying to be one of the bricks now...

Oh Well, times a waisten', might as well go check out some bigger and better stuff
now, there is SO much to snope at nowadays for me, can't waste a minute.


Puppy Woo Woo's


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