Monday, February 19, 2007

A Grasshopping Type of Morning

Good Morning Pups! It's Me Frankie Girl.

It is a cold and wet morning here, but Mom still (against her better judgment), let us go sniff around the pool backyard, (WE Gave her the SAD eyes look), Wink.......
We get to go out and sniff all the good morning sniffs while she makes her coffee and trys to wake up. So she happens to notice that I am more than interested in something I see in the pool. Now, just know, I do NOT like swimming. My sister Maddie for whatever reason is a HUGE fan of that activity. I will never understand that one, but thats another story.

Any Roo, as Mom attempts to see from inside the house by the doors, her alert button goes up as she sees my posture and face get even more intriqued. She runs for some outside shoes, and begins to come to see why I am a bit perplexed and excited. As she enters outside, whooop its to late Mom, I SCORED! Now it is obvious at this point that I have something live, I just LOVE things that move, I once brought a snake to her that I found outside! Now, the bummer of my score is that it got away as quickly as I snatched it!!!! Ah, but as Mom comes to its rescue, she sees it is a Grasshopper floating in pool again, but its has one leg missing now. I WANT it back MOM!

Of course by this time Maddie my little sister is way more than anxious, and offers to make a swim to catch the fine dining that we could partake in. It is a delicacy correct? How could Mom not let Maddie jump in to the freezing cold pool. My fishing for it is not getting us anywhere!
Maddie just jump! But Maddie heres Mom saying Noooooooooo. Ahhhh, so close and literaly
I had the tast of Grasshopper. But in the end its a tale of the one that got away.
Luv and Grasshoppers,
Frankie Girl

Pups and Kittys and other Furry types we paw with!