Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Frankie!

Hey Pups and Kit Kats,

Ha Roo Roo Roo! I am 6 years old today! Wow, it sure has went by so fast.
Well it's my special day, and I can't wait to see what my mom, dad,
Maddie and DomiNo have in store for me. I am getting roast and a khake!

My dad made this puppy purse when I first came here so he could get some work
done and keep me entertained... Woo Woo......I think he just couldn't get enough of

Look! I used to have a Black Gumdrop Siberian Nose! Where did it go?
I think my brother has it now!

"Hey guys, it's my birthday, I get to sleep in don't I"?

Can woo all come for khake????? Let me know ok!


Frankie Girl

Friday, January 23, 2009

Today we had Rain and Kongs!

Hey Puppers!

Today we had rain. How BORING is Rain!!!? We have been blessed with sunny weather and high temps this month here in Southern Cali, so we guess we should not be complaining, but rain is
just downright a snooooooze. We much prefer the sun and lounging around in it.

So to break up the dull drums Mom gave us Peanut Butter Kongs!
(No need for the recent peanut butter concerns, this PB was purchased
and tested way before the scare).

Frankie........ "Can't we have these everyday"?????

Maddie....."Frankie, Maybe when we finish, we can get a refill"!!!!!

Domino....... "Am I working this thing or WHAT"!


Uh, Mom!!!!!! Where do you keep the refills?

Pups and Kittys and other Furry types we paw with!